The Sea

Now in the world there are 2 Texes of garbage in the sea witch is a big problemand there are many sea creachers die because of the problem like sea turtles they die because of eating plastic bags, and the reason why is because they think they are jelly fish.

Shark Water

On firday there was a special presentation from the Shark Waterat Mocha’s school. For those of you that don’t know what is Shark Water the Mocha could tell you a little bit. Shark Water was had by a man called Rob Stewart, he had spend 5 years on the movie Shark Water. The reason why he made Shark Water was because he loved sharks and he really wanted to help the sharks from the people that want’s to kill them. You can go to his web to learn more about him and Shark Water.(


Challenge 10

  • I wrote 36 post
  • Most of the post were basted on school
  • I received 39 comments and most of them are from my classmates
  • The post called  High Speed has the most comments maybe it’s because my readers think the photo is really cool
  • The post called CAMP was my favourite post because I really liked CAMP
  • I changed the theme because I think the first theme was not really nice.
  • I had 4 widgets I don’t think thats to much because my other classmates has more then 4 widgets


Welcome back to Mocha’s blog, last week Mocha’s grade went to camp with a team called dragonfly.

Mocha was in the Blue-Ice team with Ms.K, the night after the BBQ we had the cheering competition and the blue team won.At night Mocha was sleeping with 2 other girls, in the room there was a toilet  and 4 beds so Mocha and her other roommate used 1 bed to put their things on. But the toilet was really disgusting because it had a little spider and an ant in there.

Festival Of The Arts !

Welcome back to Mocha’s blog this week was a very happy week to mocha because this week was festival of the arts. This year was the first year of festival of the arts, and the thing mocha like about festival of the arts is that we get to miss class. Last year mocha’s school had something called evening of  the art and what we do is that on a Friday night mocha’s and the other students need to do a art or show a piece of art to there parents, after that they could go and enjoy them self with there parents and the LLAC theater. In the LLAC theater there will be some students performing on the stage. But this year was a little different then last yaer because sence it is called festival of the arts the person who made this invited a lot of different kids of prople to show us there talent, and every time we whatch them perform we get to miss class.(most of the class mocha and the others were missing was chinese)


I learned from Eagle 21 that SLLR means Student-led Learn Review. I am excited to hear more form her. I am particularly interested in seeing her desk, at this point in time.

In the class-room there was 4 places they were : Literacy, numeracy, behind the scenes, making the PYP happen.

The classroom contains projects that Eagle 21 has accomplished.  She has explained things that they have done in class.

All About Bullying !

Today in room:807 class:5e and the grade 6 had a work-shop about bulling and I whose this question out of the other 5.

Question: Have you ever been on the receiving end of bullying? How did it feel?

Answer: The receiving end of bullying means when someone bullies you and you are the person that is being bullied. I have been on a receiving end of bullying because when I was still a little girl that older kids on my bus were always pulling and making knots in my hair. I was feeling really sad and bad because I was scared to tell them to stop and I really didn’t like it.